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Katy, Tx

Kim Schaffer Photography of Katy, TX specializes in wedding photography and family portraits. We offer photography services in Houston, Katy, Sugar Land and Richmond, Texas


Preparing For Your Session

Preparing for your session

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Plan Ahead:

Several months before your session - start a Pinterest board and start dog-earing magazine pages. Definitely start trying on various clothing to see what you feel best in.  As the day gets closer, start narrowing down your inspiration boards and outfits. 


I have a list of locations to choose from and we will talk details once you book.  Meanwhile, it is a good idea to start thinking what kind of vibe you want for you pictures.  Is it earthy? Urban? Academic? Home town? Floral? Think of any unique contacts you may have that would be willing to allow us to shoot on there property.

What to Wear:

What you wear is key for a successful session.  Clothing compliments who you are as a person, speaks to the environment in which the session is taking place, and coordinates with the home where the final images will be displayed.  Your style should be as unique as you are.

On the day of our shoot, the first thing I will want to see is all the clothing and accessories you have brought for the shoot.

*Pro Tip for girls - Take a phone picture of yourself in each outfit with accessories prior to the shoot. We can flip through the images and decide what will work best for the each location.

Be sure to plan your outfits completely a few days before your session.  Here are a few tips

  • Don't stray far from your personal style.

  • Accessories for men include hats, belts, shoes, etc.

  • Accessories for women include jewelry, bags, scarves, shoes, belts, nails etc.

  • Avoid anything with large logos

  • Don't forget to iron your outfits

  • Bring any props you may want in your pictures: Letterman Jackets, hats, flags, glasses, college announcement shirts or banners etc...

  • Don't be afraid to call or text me if you need help.